Top 10 Zombie Films

I'm using the term "zombie" here a little loosely, but these are some of my favorites:

1. Night of the Living Dead: you can't beat the original. Yes, it's black and white. There isn't a damn thing wrong with that. A classic. I love it. You love it. Even your mom loves it. I don't care how "old" it is (kids these days). It works, and Romero deserves respect even if his latest works aren't quite up to par.

2. Day of the Dead: notice a trend here? Yes, I love Romero, but I'm a bit weird in the sense I'm not a Dawn of the Dead super fan. Bub, though, I can't go without. Savini does great FX in this one too.

3. Cemetery Man: who knew the '90s could produce such amazing horror? Well, it can. This and Demon Knight are proof enough.

4. Evil Dead: again I don't know if it's a zombie film or not but it's awesome so it goes here. I probably prefer Army of Darkness out of all of them (Ash front and center), but let's not be silly; they all rock. Bruce Campbell is a living legend.

5. Fido: insanely clever and smart.

6. 28 Weeks Later: of course, I like 28 Days Later too (Brendan Gleeson!) but I prefer the sequel for its intensity.

7. Pontypool: really surprised and blown away by this little gem. I love how it leaves a lot to the viewer's imagination as well, but it's such a wonderfully unique take on the zombie subgenre.

8. Dead Alive aka Braindead: doesn't get crazier and gorier than this. Good ole Peter Jackson.

9. [Rec]: it is found footage, which I abhor these days, but regardless, it's still good.

10. Re-Animator: Stuart Gordon is one of my favorites, and of course, Jeffrey Combs.

There are actually tons and tons of zombie films that are really good (The Serpent and the Rainbow!). People like to trash them especially now when there are so many and The Walking Dead is so popular on TV, but it's a fantastic subgenre with endless potential. Just when you think it has worn out its welcome, you get something amazing like Pontypool or Cemetery Man that remind you anything is possible. Hell, Zombieland was phenomenal (that cameo!).